Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I bought one and it arrived yesterday!

opened it up - there is a great case that would protect the mic from any damage, a really nice velvet case and a pop shield

2 years warranty aswell so you are covered for a while

after doing a bit of recording with this mic i can tell you it's just really great at all purpose recording - a perfectly flat image of the room/instrument - although AKG recommend the XLII for vocals the XLS still performs very well for lead vocals - perhaps it could sound warmer but that is why the mic is so good for all purpose. a great frequency response

lastly when I was eqing i had found with cheaper mics that there is little detail in the mids and low mids - just a vague filler sound - but after moving up to a proper studio quality mic the difference is astounding; I feel like I have so much more control to create a balanced sonic image.


  1. Nice, i got Akg K 701 headphones, they are awesome!

  2. What the... that mic look so cute, I envy you.

  3. Lucky! I'm stuck with a Sampson C01U, but it does the trick.

  4. I bought these a couple weeks ago, amazing quality.

  5. This looks so good! I think I need one...
    Good Blog , I will Follow and see more in future!